About DBN


Founded in the United States of America in 1984 and incorporated in Nigeria in 1986, DBN is a total communication and entertainment conglomerate involved in terrestrial broadcast in Lagos and Abuja apart from content development and distribution. DBN relayed live to millions of viewers in Africa, the 1984 Los Angeles Summer Olympics thus earning the enviable and distinctive mark of being the first African company to market and televise to viewers on the continent an IOC event. Since then, DBN has continued to bring to the African Audience both international and African sporting fiestas.

DBN’s foray into TV broadcast came with the deregulation of the broadcast industry in Nigeria. DBN began operation 1995 in Lagos. Since then DBN- Your Choice Station has grown in leaps and bounds to become the people’s favourite in its area of operation- Lagos and Abuja.

Over the years, DBN has acquired the reputation of an international media organisation specializing in the areas of news, sports and entertainment programming and distribution deploying state of the art technology that has been our competitive advantage.

As the number one sport organisation in Nigeria and a leading one in Africa, DBN has been able to bring to the Nigerian audience major international sports events from 1984 till date. Some of the events to its credit are:

» 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games;
» 1985 Under 16 World Cup in China;
» 1986 World Cup in Mexico;
» 1987 Under 21 World Cup in Canada;
» 1987 All Africa games in Kenya;
» 1988 Africa Cup of Nations in Morrocco;
» 1988 Seoul Olympic Games;
» 1989 U-20 World Cup in Saudi Arabia;
» 1991 First Women World Cup in China;
» 1994 USA ’94 World Cup;
» 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games;
» 1998 World Cup in France;
» 2000 Sydney Olympic Games;
» 2002 World Cup in Korea/Japan;
» 2004 Athens Olympic games;
» 2006 World Cup Germany

Contribution to the Nigerian Broadcasting Industry:
As a pioneer private broadcasting television station, DBN pioneered with the AM/PM Belt of programmes. DBN’s array of sports programmes were new in television broadcasting in Nigeria and our pioneer role in the broadcast of live sporting events to Africa audience as far back as 1984 is legendary. It has developed strong local content programmes and has series of News programmes.

As host broadcaster, DBN co-ordinated both multi and uni-lateral coverage of several local and international events. Over 100 televisions and Radio stations as well as 2 billion worldwide audience received DBN signals.